4 Sizzling Hot Summer Decorating Trends

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Summer Decorating
Summer vacation is the perfect time to start thinking about a home makeover. This summer’s interior design trends encompass a lot of different styles and colors, offering something for everyone, so now is the perfect time to branch out. If your love for your home decor has grown cold, here are four sizzling hot summer decorating trends to inspire you:

1. The Great Outdoors – Bring the outdoors inside for a fresh summer look that will turn your home into an ode to all things natural. You’ll find stools and benches made of polished tree stumps, faux and real taxidermy, as well as mobiles, chandeliers, and other decorating pieces made of branches, antlers, and river rocks. Using natural fibers like wool, animal skins, and jute for accessories like area rugs, pillows, and throws add to the feeling of being deep in the woods. You can almost smell the campfire. You can also incorporate little touches featuring woodland creatures for a more whimsical take on the theme. Whether you go with throw pillows embroidered with foxes, white ceramic deer grazing on your bookshelf, or framed pictures of birds, you can’t go wrong. Hanging lamps that look like lanterns are a nice touch, too.

2. Industrial Redux – If you love the look of weathered wood paired with rusted metal, and you’d rather decorate with gears than flowers, the industrial trend in home decor was made with you in mind. Think tables made of reclaimed wood and metal piping, a stack of battered vintage suitcases as a side table, and stark stainless steel light fixtures that recall old factories and doctor’s offices. A large clock with exposed gears makes a great focal point. Using refurbished crates, card catalogs, and metal lockers also fit the theme. Typewriters, telescopes, globes, and old maps are all very much at home in an industrial themed room. Choose a sofa made of distressed leather, with details like slender wooden legs on wheels. If you love the look overall, but want to soften the edges of this utilitarian look, just add a few unexpected touches, like velvet throw pillows or a delicate vase.

3. Isn’t it Romantic? – There’s a revival of old-fashioned romance in home decor this summer. If you adore soft pastels, white eyelet comforters, and delicate antiques, you’re going to melt over this summer’s tendency towards all things amorous in home decorating. Decorate with dried wild flowers by the vase-full, or stuff mason jars to overflowing with fresh lilacs and sprigs of baby’s breath. Display your grandmother’s patchwork quilts or teacup collection. Vintage lamps made of hand-blown colored glass add ambiance, as do candles. Choose furniture with floral prints or softly colored slip covers. Whitewashed wood and shabby chic distressed finished pieces in light pinks, baby blues, or soft lavenders also look lovely.

Boho Bedroom4. Bohemian Rhapsody – If you can’t get enough of gypsy-chic, a Bohemian themed room will cool your wanderlust and make you want to stay close to home. A giant, jewel-toned patchwork pouf instead of a coffee table, twinkle lights around your window sills, and indoor hammocks all lend a feeling of free-spirited joie de vivre to your space. Have fun creating a magical hodge-podge of textures throughout your room, using multiple fabrics, like silks and satins, lace, cotton, wool, and velvet. Creamy, off-white tatted curtains will make the light dance playful across your distressed velvet sofa. Don’t forget a collection of floor pillows in a wide variety of colors and fabrics for extra seating. Dream catchers with long strands of brightly colored glass beads and dangling feathers and lots of live plants in hanging macrame holders add to the hippie inspired sweetness.

Using the latest home decorating trends can be a great way to get inspired to try something new. By choosing a broad theme, such as the ones above, you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to add personal touches to make your space your own. It’s great to grab ideas from the pros, but you don’t have to replicate the look exactly in order to create a space that is fun, modern, and well designed, so don’t be afraid to experiment. With some professional inspiration and your own imagination, you’ll turn your house into a home that’s uniquely your own.

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