7 Creative Storage Options

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Creative Storage

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a home with enough square footage to comfortably house a family of seven, everyone faces storage challenges. Enormous plastic storage bins are unwieldy and inconvenient, as well as being less than aesthetically pleasing. You probably won’t want them out in the open, but if you’ve got a lot of them, keeping them out of sight might be an issue. Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to get creative with storage. Why not ditch the Rubbermaid and try some of these storage solutions instead?

1. Trunks – Ranging in size from a small suitcase to a portable wardrobe, trunks can be used to store out of season clothing or extra bedding. They look great in bedrooms, and can do double duty as a bench or a nightstand. They’re also functional and fun in living rooms. Why not replace your coffee table with a trunk? Vintage junkies rejoice when they find an old steamer in great shape, but due to their popularity, you can also buy brand new reproductions of these old favorites.

2. Storage ottomans – Whether you prefer the footstool style or one that can work as a bench or coffee table, storage ottomans are perfect for guest bedding, books, or all of those family photos you haven’t gotten around to sorting into albums, yet. You can even find them in kid-friendly prints, and they’re a great looking alternative to a clunky toy box.

3. Card catalogs – Old card catalogs are flying out of thrift stores and antique shops. This isn’t surprising, given that they’ve been featured in almost every interior design magazine on the market. It seems that everyone wants to own a little piece of history. Yes, online card catalogs are much more convenient, but the memories of learning how to use the old-fashioned ones seem to evoke fond nostalgia for many of us. You can use them to organize and store all of your smaller odds and ends, like office supplies, nails and screws, or even jewelry and other accessories. Think of them as an enormous junk drawer that happens to look fantastic. Not enough room for an entire card catalog? Buy a drawer or two to keep your desk tidy.

luggage4. Vintage luggage – Vintage luggage is popping up everywhere in home decorating. Use it in your closet as an attractive way to store out of season items, or arrange a stack in any room in the house to hold all of the things you want to stash out of sight. Top off the look with a vintage telephone, record player, or a vase full of fresh flowers, and you’ve got a great piece of decor.

5. Antique school lockers – Remember your high school gym locker? These simple metal storage units are making their way out of the schools and into homes all over the world. They make great storage for kids and teenagers, especially if your child has a sports themed room, and you can easily spray paint them to match any color theme. To make it an extra special place to stash their stuff, give your child a lock. They’ll be thrilled to have a place to store all of their most prized possessions, especially if they have younger siblings!

6. Glass jars – They come in every imaginable shape and size and will be one of the most multipurpose items in your home. Canning jars, apothecary jars, even jam jars will do the trick. Arrange a collection of them on open shelves, and suddenly your everyday objects look like an art display.

7. Decorative tins – Retro tins lend a whimsical vintage feel to any room in the house. Most people find them especially useful in the kitchen. It’s much prettier to stash your dry goods in tins than to have half-eaten bags of chips or boxes of crackers out on the cabinet. If you’re short of cabinet and drawer space, they also work well for storing napkins and extra potholders.

We all have things we love that don’t get used everyday, and it’s never been easier to hide them in plain sight. With these options, all of your stored stuff will be easily accessible, and the containers themselves will be a part of your decor.

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