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bath1If you’re dying to indulge in creating a new look for your home, but you’re on a tight budget, giving your bathroom a fresh look can be a cost effective way to satiate the urge. Our bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in our houses, so it’s easier to spruce them up on the cheap. Here are the things you’ll want to consider when giving your bathroom a makeover:

1. Shower curtain – The shower curtain tends to be the visual focal point of most bathrooms, so choose one that you’re going to love seeing. Plastic shower curtains are cheaper, and they’re a great option if you have little ones, because you won’t cry when you have to replace them when your little Picasso finds the permanent markers. Fabric curtains tend to cost more, and the high-end ones can run well over a hundred dollars, but they also last much longer. Choose one in a fun print if you’re going to use solid colors for most of the other items in your bathroom, or go for a single shade if you’re going to have patterns or themed items for the smaller details.

2. Towels and washcloths – Coordinate your towels and washcloths with your shower curtain to create a cohesive look. If you’re only going to splurge on one expensive thing in your bathroom, this should be it. Cheap towels and washcloths tend to be thinner and less absorbent, and nothing ruins the experience of a lovely bath like wrapping up in a rough towel that isn’t doing much to help you get dry. They also tend to fall apart so quickly that your great bargains might end up costing you far more in the long run than buying the good stuff up front. The best towels are pricy, but they also tend to look good after withstanding years of regular use.

3. Bathmat – The days of being a purely functional item are over. You’re not stuck with ugly mini-shag rugs in nursery pastels. Bathmats come in a wide array of shapes and colors, including themes. If your shower curtain features adorable woodland creatures, you can be sure you’ll find a fox bathmat to coordinate.

4. Toothbrush holder and soap dish – From whimsical to elegant, these simple items add to the overall look of the room. Be sure to choose a toothbrush holder with an easy to clean design. The ones that aren’t become petri dishes worthy of entering in a science fair.

5. Plants – Humidity loving plants like orchids thrive in bathrooms, and they add instant beauty. Forego fake plants for the real deal. Faux plants just end up being dust collecting countertop clutter.

6. Wall art – Don’t neglect your walls! A lot of people seem to forget that wall art looks great in bathrooms. Just be sure not to use irreplaceable photos or other art that might be damaged by condensation from hot showers. A great paint job will also add to the overall feel of the room. Unless your bathroom is huge, choose a light or bright color to open up the space. Dark walls can make a small bathroom feel like a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

bath27. Storage – Decorative door and wall hooks are both pretty and functional. Glass apothecary jars for cotton balls and ear swabs keep counter space neatly organized. Wall shelves or baskets provide extra room to store and display extra towels and washcloths. If your bathroom is large enough for a bookshelf style storage unit, they’re a great option for creating space vertically.

8. Mirrors – In addition to the mirror over your sink, every house should have at least one full-length mirror. If you don’t already have one somewhere else in your home, consider one for the bathroom. It’s the only way to truly know how you look when you’re running out the door in the morning.

The way your bathroom looks might matter more than you think. It sounds silly, but consider the amount of time you spend in there! Everyone uses the toilet multiple times a day. You probably shower every day (or at least close to every day; don’t worry, we won’t judge!), and nothing beats a long, hot bath to unwind. Then there’s time spent brushing and flossing, dressing, and anything else you include in your morning routine. By creating a look you love, you can transform your bathroom from a blah space that is purely functional into one that you’ll love to inhabit.

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