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Kitsch gets a bad wrap more often than not. It’s often stigmatized as being cheap, cartoony, and sometimes even in poor taste. However, the great thing about things that are considered kitsch is that they eventually come to be appreciated as art. Kitsch has started to gain a massive number of people who appreciate it as art and are starting to decorate their home with it. If you have a bunch of kitschy looking knick knacks that you are thinking of getting rid of then you may want to reconsider as you could be sitting on a home decorating goldmine. Here are some tips on how you can turn your kitsch into amazing decorating material.

LitchThe first thing you need to keep in mind is just what kind of kitsch you have in your home. Do you have knick knacks, posters, or collectables that nobody really collects? Whichever kind you have you have to build your decorating around the type. This gives you a theme that you can play around with and make work. Even building your theme out from a color featured on the kitsch or the time period it’s centered around can be a great way to play it up without making the kitsch the only interesting thing in the room. Kitsch is known for it’s uniqueness and interesting bits so using that to it’s full potential is only going to serve in making your decor amazingly unique.

The thing to keep in mind about kitsch is that to make it work as a decorating tool you have to make it fun. Lots of kitsch pieces have interesting textures and designs that can be used to add something extra to what is an otherwise boring or drab room. Turning a beige or neutral room into something fun with colorful kitsch pieces is easy to do and invites guests and even family to start conversations. In fact, if you want to take it up to that next level, you can even start to add to your kitsch collection to tie the theme together.

If you want to implement kitsch without using a ton of it you could go with the seasonal route. Seasons such as Easter, Christmas, and even Halloween have a lot of kitsch that is easy to find. So instead of spending money on new decorations each year you could just use holiday themed kitsch to decorate instead for a guaranteed unique and fun experience. Everything from ornaments to candle holders can be kitsch and they’re a guaranteed conversation starter if you’re throwing a party or get together.

Sometimes just having a good kitsch collection is decoration enough. Organizing the pieces that you have into groups or arrangements that look good and then putting them on display is a great way to add some depth and flavor to a room, particularly a living room. Just having your kitschy goods out in the open can serve as a fantastic conversation starter. If you are going to display your pieces then you need to be sure to do so in a manner that elevates their status as kitsch. Just putting them on a shelf can be boring, and it will cause them to just gather dust so putting them in a display cabinet of some kind will not only keep them safe, it will help them continue to look good (or bad depending on your sense of irony).

The one thing you really want to keep in mind is that you want your kitsch to look decorative, like it belongs in the room you are decorating What you do not want is for someone to look at your pieces and think that they are just knick knacks and clutter. If you do not have some sort of plan for your pieces or arrangement that works you end up with something that looks like a mess. Remember, take pride in your pieces and create an arrangement that will show your friends and family just why you pride yourself on your pieces so much. The most important thing is that you love the pieces that you have. Just grabbing any old kitsch that you see leads to clutter. You should love each piece individually and how it fits into your collection before bringing it home.

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