Love Old Records? Don’t Hide Them Away!

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recordYou’re a music aficionado. You’ll listen to music in whatever form is available, but your deepest affection is reserved solely for records. You love everything about LPs, and your record player is your pride and joy. In fact, it claims a prominent space in your living room. You’d never dream of stuffing it in a closet where you couldn’t see it or play it without a hassle. But how do you store your records? If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve got them tucked away in a cabinet, out of sight behind closed doors. Why is that? Don’t you love looking at album covers almost as much as you love listening to their contents?

Keeping your records hidden away might make dusting easier, but if you’ve been viewing your collection as clutter, you might want to take a closer look! Not only does storing your records out in the open make them more accessible, and thus, more likely to be played, a lot of the cover designs are incredible! Whether they’re showcasing artwork or a photograph of the band, they drum up nostalgia like nothing else.

Here are some great ideas for bringing your records out into the open without feeling like you’re making a mess instead of a decorating statement. It’s also worth noting that along with these ideas, you should skim sites like Etsy, where LP loving artists are constantly coming up with new and ingenious ways to display your tunes.

1. Play and Display Frames – Art Vinyl makes specialty frames that flip open for easy access when you want to spin your favorite tunes. You can achieve the look of framed covers without the travesty of typical “just for looks, not for play” album frames. Save the regular frames for those rare times when an album bites the dust and you can’t bear to part with its beautiful cover.

2. Small Easels – Small, inexpensive tabletop easels are a great way to display albums. Buy a single one to display the cover of whichever album you’re currently playing, or buy several to create an easy to rotate art display. These easels are available in art supply stores, as well as shops specializing in picture frames.

3. Clip ‘Em Up! – Hanging clips are easy to use and they add an element of industrial cool to your room’s look. The only con to this display style is that certain styles of clips may cause indentations or slight marring of your album covers. If you’re going to be devastated if they don’t remain pristine, you’re best off choosing another display option. For different display looks, you can consider clips that are mounted directly on the wall, or hang clothesline or wire with clips for hanging.

4. Clear Plastic File Sorter – If you’re looking for ways to display on a budget, clear plastic file sorters are the way to go. They’re readily available at any office supply store, and depending on the size and style, you can expect to spend between ten and twenty bucks. While not as artsy as some of the other ideas listed here, it’s not a bad look. The clear plastic allows the full cover design to be visible, and it’s hassle-free to switch your records around when you want a new view.

5. Open Wall Shelves with a Lip – Open shelves are a great way to turn your albums into wall art. Just be sure to get the type with a slight lip to prevent slippage. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly annoyed with all of the re-propping you’ll have to do, and even worse, you might end up with a broken record. You’ll find that these simple wall shelves run the gamut of both price and sizing. You can purchase the cheapest versions at discount stores for under twenty bucks, while the high-end ones can run into the hundreds of dollars. They come in every imaginable style and color, so you’ll have no trouble finding shelves that coordinate with the rest of your room décor. You can artistically arrange several smaller shelves, just long enough to hold one album each, or stick with a single shelf that’s long enough to hold several albums at once.

Showcasing your favorite albums brings an element of your personality into the room. They also make great conversation pieces. Everyone seems to have memories associated with certain albums or songs, and your guests probably won’t be able to help but share theirs. Spontaneous dance parties are also a high probability. And who doesn’t love that?

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