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poster1Posters have changed a lot since the days when they were relegated to children’s bedroom, dorms, and classrooms. Gone are the days when poster art meant cartoon characters, scantily clad girls leaning on sports cars, and motivational slogans and charts. Of course, those are still readily available, if that’s your thing, but the options have opened up tremendously.

Posters have been steadily gaining in popularity, and why not? They’re inexpensive, and some of them look every bit as good as a much more costly piece of artwork. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options available, so you’re sure to find some that suit your style. Here are some of the hottest trends in poster art:

1. Vintage Posters – Everything old is new again. If you want to keep up with the latest trends, one of the easiest ways to do it is by going retro. Whether you love old advertisements, musicians, or movies, you can’t go wrong. Choose posters that are actually vintage, or find reproductions of old favorites.

2. Woodland Creatures – Photographs, watercolors, line drawings, and cartoon style animal art are all incredibly popular this year. No matter what style of art you prefer, if you’re in love with the wild things of the woods, you’ll be able to find posters that suit your fancy. There are options that look perfect in a child’s bedroom alongside those suitable for a formal living room.

3. Maps – The map trend has made its way into every facet of interior decorating, and posters are no exception. Map posters vary from reproductions of antiques to U.S. maps showcasing which famous bands are from which states. If you’re in love with the world (or a particular part of it), you’re going to love the newest map posters.

4. Word Art – Typography and word art are big themes in art this year. You’ll find elegant calligraphy, eye charts containing hidden messages, and typewriters pouring out the pages of a novel, amongst many other popular poster designs featuring words. Word lovers will find posters appropriate for every room in the house, from the nursery to the laundry room.

poster25. Indie Art – Yes, everyone loves reproductions of works by famous artists, but don’t forget about the indie artists yet to make it big. Whether you frequent local galleries and art fairs or prefer to shop online at stores like Etsy, the world is brimming with fresh talent, and many of those artists sell poster prints of their work. Remember, there was a time when no one knew who Picasso was. The piece you buy from an obscure artist today could be worth a fortune down the road. And even if it isn’t, if you love the way it looks, who cares? You can get art that you love and feel good about supported talented newcomers on the art scene.

6. Photography Posters – Perhaps it’s the Instagram phenomenon, but photography has never been more popular. As always, you’ll be able to get your hands on reproductions of some of the most famous photographs ever taken, but new work is in no short supply. Today’s photographers offer an astonishing array of choices, and they’re taking bold and daring risks with technique and style. You’ll be able to find something that’s uniquely you, whether you prefer gritty urban street scenes or pictures of birds shot in the wilds of the Costa Rican jungle.

7. Children’s Art – Posters geared at kids have never been better. It used to be much harder to decorate a child’s room, especially if you don’t favor the look of character merchandise. Thanks to the indie arts revival, this has shifted in a major way. There are a plethora of artists gearing their work towards children, yet somehow managing to keep it equally as aesthetically pleasing for adults. From precious pastels of children playing with wild animals, to bold, punk rock style baby art, there’s something tailor made for every family’s artistic preferences for their little one’s room.

If you’re decorating without a lot of cash, posters add punch without knocking out your budget. Because they’re so low cost, you’ll also be able to redecorate more often if you like to change up the look of your rooms frequently. Take advantage of this inexpensive trend and deck the walls.

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