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Travel inspired decor is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2014. Globes, maps, compasses, steamer trunks, and vintage suitcases are all making an appearance in home accessories. You’ll find an endless array of items to purchase, but you’ll also want to dig out souvenirs from your own travels to add a personal touch to your decorating efforts. You can’t vacation all the time, but there’s no reason you can’t bring some of that feeling into your home.

Here are some fun ways to add a global twist to any room in your house:

1. Maps – Whether you find them in art shops, on thrifting excursions, or at teaching supply stores, maps are a fabulous way to add color and interest to any wall in the house. Old or new, depicting the world, a country, or a state, they’re all great for decorating. If you want to personalize your map, add pushpins to the places you’ve been. You’ll also find map print wallpaper, throw pillows, and curtains if you prefer that to an actual map.

2. Globes – You’ll find globes ranging in size from miniscule to enormous, built to stand alone or to sit on a table top. Globes come in a wide variety of colors; blue and beige are the most common, but with their rise in popularity, artistic versions of these old standbys can be found in every color of the rainbow. Globes look nice as decor, but they’re also fun and educational. Everyone from small children to the elderly are drawn to them, and if you have company, it will be the rare person who can resist the urge to give it a spin.
Trunks and Travel
3. Real or replica binoculars, compasses, and telescopes – Many home decor stores are carrying decorative pieces that look like the real thing, but if you happen to have real ones, all the better. Instead of packing them away in boxes until you plan to use them, display them on bookshelves, desks, and coffee tables.

4. Travel posters – Framed vintage travel posters make great wall art. Find the originals in antique stores or online, or buy replicas from just about any store that sells poster art.

5. Postcards – If you have a collection of postcards from your travels over the years, frame them and create a collage of memories. Not only do they look good, they’re great conversation starters.

6. Vacation photos – Nothing you can buy in a store will ever be as personal or special as pictures from your own vacations. Enlarge your best shots and put them on display. Most people don’t look through their photo albums with much regularity, so you might be surprised by how many gems you find tucked away.

7. Steamer trunks – Antique trunks can be used for storage, as an end table, coffee table, or nightstand. Because they’re so popular right now, prices have gone up as demand has risen, so be prepared to part with some money to obtain one in good shape. Mass produced replicas are available at a lower cost if you want the look but aren’t terribly attached to the idea of having an original.

8. Vintage Suitcases – Vintage suitcases are every bit as popular as trunks right now, but because so many more people owned them, they’re much easier to find at a reasonable price. Almost every thrift store and junk shop you browse will have at least a few to choose from. Over time, you can amass quite a collection of beautiful old suitcases inexpensively. To decorate with them, you can set one or two on a shelf, or make a large stack of them for use as a side table. They look great with a small lamp, globe, old telephone, or vase of fresh flowers on top.

9. Artwork depicting planes, ships, or trains – From one of a kind, original works of art to replicas of famous pieces, artwork that features any mode of vacation transportation will serve as a nice finishing touch to your travel decor.

The versatility of this theme can be adapted for nearly any room in your house. It works particularly well in living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms, so use your imagination to explore the possibilities! If you love to travel, now is the time to let your passion for adventure show at home.

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