Using Pantone for Everything from Paints to Pillows

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Pantone used to be something of an industry secret amongst experts in the fashion and interior design worlds, but not anymore. Everyone is talking about Pantone, and this new-found popularity has led to the creation of everything from Pantone stationary to the use of the company’s name and function as a theme for parties. People are going nuts for the company that is renowned for its expertise in all things color, and why not? The colors we surround ourselves with can affect everything from our mood to our appetite. We are surrounded by color at all times, yet most of us hardly ever consider the significance of its role in our lives.

Given its rising popularity, you’ve probably heard of Pantone by now, but do you know to apply their products and services to your life? If not, consider this your primer. You’re going to learn how to use Pantone for choosing everything from paints to pillows as you make over your home!
Pantone Swatches
It would take far more space than what we have here to cover everything that Pantone does as a company. To keep it simple, let’s talk about how it can serve you with home decorating. What you should know is that Pantone is responsible for predicting color trends in home décor through forecasting (in other words, they more or less set the standards for what is in style). You’ve probably noticed that during one season you’re seeing yellow and grey everywhere, and by the next season it has shifted to plum and sapphire. This isn’t accidental, and Pantone predicts these changes.

They also offer a wide variety of books, swatches, apps, and other tools that can be used to plan color schemes for interior design projects. If you’re not a professional, some of their tools might be too expensive to justify, but their blog is free and accessible to everyone, and it is brimming with great posts on everything you can imagine related to color. It’s also worth purchasing their apps, which are very reasonably priced.

You can use the company’s color forecasting if you’re curious about which hues are the most popular. They predict trends 24 months in advance by studying both consumer demand trends and which shades are being released by top fashion houses and interior designers. Their incredible app will allow you to view over 13,000 colors. Did you even know there are more than 13,000 colors? It’s incredible!

If you’re planning to paint your home, Lowe’s hardware stores carry the Pantone Universe line, making it simple to get the exact color you’re hoping for. There’s nothing worse than being able to envision the exact shade of paint that you want, then getting it home and discovering that it looks nothing like you thought it would once it’s on your walls. If you don’t live near a Lowe’s, you can still use Pantone’s color swatch system to show your local paint store what you’re trying to achieve.

Using the app will simplify shopping trips for home décor like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Before you set out on your shopping excursion, take a few minutes to find the Pantone shades that match your wall colors and other objects you plan to keep in the room you’re redecorating. You’ll have a portable reference that is so reliable it will blow your mind. How many times have you bought what you thought was the perfect throw or decorative vase, only to realize once you got home that it doesn’t coordinate well at all? Thanks to Pantone, that experience can be a thing of the past.

One of the great things about Pantone’s information being available to the public is that you’ll figure out that interior designers don’t possess some magical power you don’t have. It’s all a matter of knowing where to get the information and how to put it to use. No matter your experience level, when you have access to the same types of insight the pros do, you’ll be able to create a home that looked like you paid someone else a small fortune to design.

Unleash your inner designer. You want your home to reflect your personality, and playing with color allows you artistic freedom. You’ll love the endless possibilities that open up, and you’ll feel a sense of pride and ownership beyond what can be experienced by having someone else create your space. Jump on the Pantone bandwagon and brighten up your world.

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