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If your recollections of wallpaper from your childhood are of the kind that you think of with a mixture of horror and amusement, your reaction to the wallpaper comeback in home decor might not be all that favorable. Yes, you’re right, some of those awful vinyl wall coverings with regrettable prints should never see the light of day again…

But hold on just a minute before you dismiss the new wallpapers out of hand! Wallpaper has undergone a serious image change, and we think you’re going to love its new look. Interior designers who swore up and down that wallpaper would forever be a decorating faux pas are rethinking their stance and calling it one of the best new options in home makeovers. These are some of the hottest wallpaper trends you should know about:

1. The All New Florals – The new floral prints are a diverse lot. Breathtaking black and whites, climbing vines bursting with color, or watercolor renderings will all look fabulous on your walls.

2. All Mapped Out – Why put a map on your wall, when you can put map wallpaper on your wall? Choose a subway system, or a tea-stained sailor’s guide, map wallpapers run the gamut.

3. Damask – The timeless look of damask can be found in the most small and subtle patterns, or in larger, dramatic papers that add a burst of drama to your walls.

Wallpaper4. Dots – From tiny, delicate Swiss dots to enormous orbs of brilliant color, circular is chic in wall coverings.

5. Just Add Paint – Textured, paintable papers lay the perfect foundation for your favorite colors. These papers range from barely perceptible ridges to large, intricate three dimensional patterns, and we think they’re swoon worthy. The combine the best of both worlds by crossing the gap between painting and papering.

6. Culturally Connected – Morocco, India, China; no matter where in the world you long to be, you’ll find wallpapers taking their cue from the classic designs of the locale of your choice.

7. Botanicals – Botany is beautiful. Why should the plant life represented in your home be confined to flowers? Weeping willows, bamboo, and every imaginable type of leaf can be found in the prints that are waiting to adorn your walls.

8. Whimsical – If you’re fond of flights of fancy, you’ll find no shortage of whimsical wallpapers to bring a touch of magic into your home. Forests full of hidden woodland creatures, fairy tale scenes, and typewriters scattered amongst a jumble of letters in different typesets are tons of fun.

9. Realism– Facade wallpapers are tons of fun. Weathered wooden boards, stacked logs, shelves full of library books, battered bricks, and corrugated metal covered in peeling paint are all options. Some of them are made to deliberately look unrealistic, but others look so much like the real thing that you’ll find yourself momentarily taken aback when you touch it and find that it just feels like smooth paper.

10. Grasscloth – There are many types of fabric wallpaper to choose from, but grasscloth is a particularly attractive option. This durable fabric comes in a variety of colors, most of them inspired by nature, and adds great texture to your walls.

11. Stripes – Delicate denim pinstripes or fat, playful candy-inspired lines? Oh the decisions! Stripes have made the leap from t-shirts to wall decor, and they look right at home.

12. Wild Kingdom – Animal prints play up walls in a major way. A shimmering, subtle snakeskin, or a vibrant, loud leopard or zebra pattern give your home a slightly dangerous look. Not for the faint of heart, but if you’re anything but meek, your walls should match your wild nature!

13. Chalk It Up – Taking its cue from the paints of the same nature, chalkboard wallpaper turns your walls into an ever evolving art gallery or message center. It’s a ton of fun. You can always say you got it for the kids, but when people see the quality of the drawings, they might not believe you for long…

Give the new wallpaper a chance. It’s nothing like its homely ancestors of yesterday. It does take cues from generations past, namely the 20s, 30s, 50s, 70s, and 80s, but with a modern twist. The new generation is elegant and svelte, and you’ll find patterns, colors, and textures galore with which to beautify your house. Your walls will thank you.

photo credit: MyWallArt – 3D Wallpanel via photopin cc

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