Bathroom On a Budget

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bath1If you’re dying to indulge in creating a new look for your home, but you’re on a tight budget, giving your bathroom a fresh look can be a cost effective way to satiate the urge. Our bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in our houses, so it’s easier to spruce them up on the cheap. Here are the things you’ll want to consider when giving your bathroom a makeover:

1. Shower curtain – The shower curtain tends to be the visual focal point of most bathrooms, so choose one that you’re going to love seeing. Plastic shower curtains are cheaper, and they’re a great option if you have little ones, because you won’t cry when you have to replace them when your little Picasso finds the permanent markers. Fabric curtains tend to cost more, and the high-end ones can run well over a hundred dollars, but they also last much longer. Choose one in a fun print if you’re going to use solid colors for most of the other items in your bathroom, or go for a single shade if you’re going to have patterns or themed items for the smaller details.

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Oh, Baby! Design a One of a Kind Nursery

April 10, 2014 by  

One of the joys of getting ready for your new baby is setting up the nursery. As a parent, you want your baby’s room to be safe, comfortable, and functional above all else. You probably also want the space to be visually appealing to both you and your little one. If you’d rather create a one of a kind space for your baby than purchase one of the typically themed sets featuring cartoon characters or zoo animals, you’re in luck! There have never been more options available for decorating-savvy parents. The truth is that your baby doesn’t yet have decor preferences, so as long as you offer a few things that are visually stimulating, like a high-contrast mobile, you should feel free to indulge your own decorating impulses. He or she will have an opinion about their room soon enough, so until then, have fun!

Here are some fresh ideas for creating a baby nursery you’ll be proud to show off. Heck, you may end up liking it more than your own bedroom (in which case, that should be next on your home makeover punch list). Gorgeous nurseries adults will love:

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