Oh, Baby! Design a One of a Kind Nursery

April 10, 2014 by  

One of the joys of getting ready for your new baby is setting up the nursery. As a parent, you want your baby’s room to be safe, comfortable, and functional above all else. You probably also want the space to be visually appealing to both you and your little one. If you’d rather create a one of a kind space for your baby than purchase one of the typically themed sets featuring cartoon characters or zoo animals, you’re in luck! There have never been more options available for decorating-savvy parents. The truth is that your baby doesn’t yet have decor preferences, so as long as you offer a few things that are visually stimulating, like a high-contrast mobile, you should feel free to indulge your own decorating impulses. He or she will have an opinion about their room soon enough, so until then, have fun!

Here are some fresh ideas for creating a baby nursery you’ll be proud to show off. Heck, you may end up liking it more than your own bedroom (in which case, that should be next on your home makeover punch list). Gorgeous nurseries adults will love:

Using Pantone for Everything from Paints to Pillows

April 10, 2014 by  

Pantone used to be something of an industry secret amongst experts in the fashion and interior design worlds, but not anymore. Everyone is talking about Pantone, and this new-found popularity has led to the creation of everything from Pantone stationary to the use of the company’s name and function as a theme for parties. People are going nuts for the company that is renowned for its expertise in all things color, and why not? The colors we surround ourselves with can affect everything from our mood to our appetite. We are surrounded by color at all times, yet most of us hardly ever consider the significance of its role in our lives.

Given its rising popularity, you’ve probably heard of Pantone by now, but do you know to apply their products and services to your life? If not, consider this your primer. You’re going to learn how to use Pantone for choosing everything from paints to pillows as you make over your home!
Pantone Swatches

Out of the Lodge and Into the Living Room: Taxidermy Goes Mainstream

April 10, 2014 by  

If you’re ready bring something wild into your interior decorating plans, taxidermy is one of the hottest trends out there. What was once the domain of hunting lodges or old men showcasing their woodland victories in finished basements and dens has now become a favorite staple of mainstream interior designers. Far from being stodgy or weird, the new taxidermy can be bold and dramatic, or funny and lighthearted, as designers have taken the look in entirely new directions.

If you’re curious about incorporating taxidermy into your home decor, there are lots of great ways to make the look work for your space. Start by defining your own personal home decorating style, and you’ll know which types of taxidermy are right to achieve the feeling you’re going for. Ready to dive into the brave new world of taxidermy? Great! Here are some tips to help you do it the right way:

4 Sizzling Hot Summer Decorating Trends

April 10, 2014 by  

Summer Decorating
Summer vacation is the perfect time to start thinking about a home makeover. This summer’s interior design trends encompass a lot of different styles and colors, offering something for everyone, so now is the perfect time to branch out. If your love for your home decor has grown cold, here are four sizzling hot summer decorating trends to inspire you:

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