Family Heirlooms Are Always in Style

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vinyl1Design trends come and go, but there is one constant in the world of home decorating; family heirlooms never go out of fashion. Nothing personalizes a home like the items that are passed down from generation to generation. The things that are unique to your family will be cherished for as long as they exist.

There are many ways to incorporate the old with the new. In fact, a mix of modern decor and older pieces usually blend beautifully, creating a more interesting look than opting entirely for one or the other. Don’t be afraid to blend furnishings and accessories from different time periods. It creates depth and personality that is lacking in rooms that look like everything in them was ordered from the same catalog.

Common Family Heirlooms That Look Great in Any Room

1. Old Photographs – Your family photographs are one of a kind and irreplaceable. Rather than tucking them away in photo albums where they’ll rarely be seen, display them out in the open and enjoy them on a regular basis. Not only will you and your family members love seeing them, friends and acquaintances will, too. The first time you visit someone’s home, is there anything that captivates and catches your attention quite as much as a wall of black and white pictures?
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Get a New Look on the Cheap with Accents

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If you’re feeling bored with your living room’s look, but new furniture isn’t in your budget, you can give it a brand new feel without breaking the bank. The best way to change the overall style of any room without spending a ton of money is to focus on accents. You can switch it up by playing with colors and patterns, breathing new life into your tired old furniture.

1. Pillows – You can find great pillows at every price point imaginable, so this is one category where there’s something for everyone. For anywhere from ten bucks to hundreds of dollars each, you can indulge your love of color, patterns, and texture in ways that will make you forget that you thought your couch was boring. Don’t make the mistake of wedding yourself to a cluster of pillows that are all exactly the same. You’ll achieve a better look with a hodgepodge of colors and fabrics. Mix it up by pairing suede with silk, or embroidered cotton with rugged saddle leather. Create a lovely chaos with stripes, florals, and solids. Read more

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